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While we can revel in the fact that Johnny Law wasn't able to hold us down and keep us from playing today, the true unsung heroes are our close friends John and Jesse (the handsome devils in the blue tie and grey vest). Without any exaggeration, if it wasn't for these two coming through today in a moments notice we never would've been able to make it in time to play our set. It's safe to say they are the 5th and 6th members of this band and have always been there since day one to help us out no matter what. Here's to them, The Midway Cafe for having us again, The Caught Flies for their support and looking out, as well The Guilloteenagers and OTP for jamming and sharing the stage. With all that being said, we leave you all with this: ... See MoreSee Less

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OTP, The Caught Flies, To The Gallows, & The Guilloteenagers @ the midway cafe

Hellooooo to the ten of you that subscribed to our page and still see our posts!! This is Saturday. This will be killer. Come be killer too! (Also, subscribe to our page so you can see our posts.)
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March 28thOTP @[188836831087:274:The Caught Flies] @[1443896042499864:274:To The Gallows] @[445497725566827:274:The Guilloteenagers]$5 All Ages 4-8pm

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Added a new video: "To The Gallows @ Geno's Rock Club" ... See MoreSee Less

Rock | Manchester

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